Air Conditioner In Jerusalem: The Pros and Cons

Getting an air conditioner is not an easy decision. True, they don’t cost as much as they used to, but price is certainly a contributing factor. They can greatly improve your overall living situation and when it comes to living in places like Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, an air conditioner is not a luxury, but a bare necessity. Not every day, perhaps, but there are times in the summer and the winter when you simply need one.

Some might say that our ancestors didn’t need them. For thousands of years, people lived without an air conditioner. Yes, this is true, but then again people nowadays are leading very different lifestyles. Our schedules are becoming increasingly demanding, and it is essential that we find that place where we are comfortable.

Home Is Where The Appliance Is

appliancesFor most people, this is their home. Home is where the heart is, as the saying goes. A person’s home is the place where he or she can feel comfortable, first and foremost. People purchase washers, dryers, dish-washers, ovens, and refrigerators for their home – all for the sake of comfort and well-being. Why should an air conditioner be any different?

Getting an air conditioner is about improving the quality of your life. It isn’t something so far-fetched. Here is a short list of pros and cons, which could help you with your decision.

Air Conditioner Pros And Cons


  • Like we said, comfort. The ability to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer is amazing. It puts you in a different mindset, and contributes greatly to productivity around the house.
  • An air conditioner acts as a filter, so it provides clean, dust-free, harmful-microorganism-free air. ACs are such good air purifiers, that the air inside is considered healthier than the air outside. With so much pollution and harmful substances in the air, it is no wonder.
  • When discussing a place like Jerusalem, and the surrounding areas, you cannot skip over the winter. Jerusalem’s winds can be fierce, and nothing quite matches the feeling of coming in from a winter’s day to a warm home. It is a wonderful welcome.


  • Cost. Electricity, maintenance, repairs (when needed). Sometimes, additional costs will be needed in order to seal the windows or doors.
  • Responsibility. If an AC user forgets or neglects to follow correct air conditioning procedure (i.e. certain temperatures at certain times of year, regular maintenance), and if an AC does not exercise caution, there is a chance that the AC will cause harm, to your health as well as your wallet.


Do Your Research

Buying an electrical appliance of this magnitude is always a big decision. Even though they have become more accessible here in Israel you still should take your time, do your research, see which of the air conditioning systems will be right for you and your household. Regardless of the air conditioner on which you set your sights, remember to treat it properly and adequately – clean it, maintain it, use it right, and make sure to follow correct AC guidelines.

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