Air Conditioner History And Common Issues

An air conditioner can greatly improve your quality of life and owning an air conditioner in Israel is essential. In these Middle-Eastern, desert-like conditions, it is of utmost importance.

Air conditioning has been developed for thousands of years. The idea behind the modern-day air conditioner was concocted in the mid-19th century by Dr. John Gorrie, who invented an ice-making machine for use in his hospital’s rooms. That ice-making machine was based on discoveries made by Michael Faraday, a British inventor, earlier in the 19th century. Before that, ice and snow would be stored in the winter for use in the hotter months.

Dr. Gorrie had a vision of machines such as his, regulating the temperature in buildings and apartments. His idea was spot on, but due to lack of funds – and possibly technological advances – the project was dropped. Gorrie died a very poor man in 1855, never fully realizing his ‘chilling’ vision. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century that air conditioning machinery really took off, and began its rise to fame, fortune, and glory.

Back To Israel

When scouring the market for the best air conditioner, there are many people who have an opinion. One thing remains consistent, no matter who you ask. Every AC enthusiast agrees that it is a machine which requires servicing and maintenance, if it is to survive past a few years.

Air conditioners are relatively delicate mechanisms, and it doesn’t take too many years of abuse and neglect, to finally bring one to its knees.  Many modern-day units come with an internal system which protects it from sustaining damage due to improper usage, but even the most high-quality AC will break down if you don’t take care of it.

Knowing how to perform regular maintenance on your AC unit is essential, because it is by employing these relatively simple steps that you can improve the performance of your unit, and add valuable years to its life. ACs are not cheap appliances, so money is most definitely a contributing factor to any decision having to do with an air conditioner.

A standard household air conditioner consists of two pieces: indoor block and outdoor block. Meddling with the inner-workings of the AC should be left to the professionals, but there are one or two things which any layman can do, in order to improve the function of any air conditioner:

Filter Cleaning Is Key

Filters which are working properly are meant to trap dust and dirt. They also protect the inside of the unit. When the filters are dirty and clogged, they cease to function properly. This may lead to a couple of issues:

A – Noticeable damage to the cooling system, which causes a drop in the unit’s ability to cool. It takes a lot longer for a room to get cold, and that can be costly, as well as frustrating.

B – The damage to the cooling system causes the drainage system to suffer from malfunctions, and as a result, water may accumulate in the AC. Once the water builds up, it may begin to leak. Water leakage may cause damage to walls, rooms, and other parts of the location where the AC unit is.

Removing the filters from the unit, and then running them under some warm water, should do a lot to help the situation. Just don’t forget to let them dry, before reinserting them into your AC. It is recommended to clean the filters once every few months. For basic cleaning, warm water will do. In the event that a more thorough cleaning is necessary, it is highly recommended to call a professional, in order to ensure the longevity of the appliance.

Proper Conditioning And Freon Leaks

In many households, air conditioners are used for heat during the winter months. This is the ideal situation for an air conditioner. Speaking from a practical and functional point of view, it is not at all recommended to have an AC running on a low temperature during the summer. In some cases, having the AC on in the summer, for long period of time, may lead to ice forming inside the compressor blades, which can give rise to a whole other set of problems.

There is a very common third issue, but this one requires the skills of a trained professional. I am talking, of course, of Freon leaks.

Freon (or another refrigerant which the AC may be using) may begin to leak. What causes Freon leaks? Anything from a bad installation job or factory defect, through something puncturing or damaging the integrity of the outdoor block, to formic acid (a naturally-occurring acid) eating away at the unit’s copper coils.

A Freon leak may be detectable by a layman, but it requires a professional to fix. In some cases, it is undetectable to anyone but a technician holding an electronic leak detector.

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