Control Your Circuits: Electrician Certification Levels In Israel

You know those people who have “the touch”? I am not one of them. Not even close. The best I can do is change a light bulb and set a timer. Oh, I can also change a plug on an extension cord. Yes, I’ve had my share of mild electrocutions – regardless of repairs – and I can say with absolute certainty that I am not interested in going through that again. I’d rather let someone certified handle the board.

According to a law from 1954 (electricity law), every job involving electrical work necessitates an electrician’s license. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Employment published a set of electricity regulations in 1984, and in 1990 work safety regulations followed.

Electricity is a natural force by definition, much like the force of gravity or the other natural forces. In time, we have learn to use that force and to manipulate it. In that sense, it has always been around, and nobody had to invent it. The things that have been invented over time are various ways of harnessing electricity for better use.

Electricity has a significant and ongoing effect on our daily life. It is with us at all times and in all situations, at home, at work, and on the road. While electricity is indeed a natural force and a vital necessity, one needs to know how to properly approach it. In order to fix electrical issues, you need to call a certified electrician. Not all electricians are equal. There are different levels and positions. In order to get the best possible response, you need to know where to turn and who to call.

Electrician Or Technician? What Is The difference?

Electrician or technician?

In the event of something going wrong with a specific electric device, you should contact the manufacturer’s technician. Even though regular electricians are well acquainted with electric devices, an electrician which provides technical services must be of the proper level and hold a qualifying license.

Any first year electrician knows how to fix a common electrical short, or how to move a point of electricity from one part of the wall of your house to another. However, not all electricians know how to handle washing machines, ovens, or dishwashers. Not every electrician knows how to deal with heating elements, automobiles, or high voltage power lines.

Examples of electrician licenses and levels:


Level Status Certifications
100 Electrician – assistant Can perform electrical work, under the supervision of a higher level electrician
110 Electrician – practical Can perform low voltage electrical work and sign for single phase electrical plans
200 Electrician – certified Can perform low voltage electrical work and sign for complex single phase electrical plans
300 Electrician – chief Can perform low voltage electrical work and sign for complex triple phase electrical plans


Because not all electricians are the same, you need more than a recommendation from a friend in order to hire an electrician. Obviously, we trust our friends and their good judgement, but the electrical network has far-reaching ramifications which have to do with the quality of our life, not to mention possible safety risks or property damage. By the way, I am very much for employing the DIY method for those who are so inclined, but when it comes to electrical work, it’s best to call a professional. When there is doubt, there is no doubt.

Choosing The Right Man For The Job

What about the price?

An electrician is like any other service provider. It could very well be that this person come highly recommended, but it is always best to use your own judgement. You need to be comfortable with the person who will be fixing or changing your home’s electrical grid. Someone who comes late, who doesn’t live up to his word, who doesn’t listen to you, or exudes irresponsibility – even though he may hold a senior electrician’s license – is not a real professional. It is best to find someone who will be on the same wave-length as you so that he will be able to provide you with peace of mind while on the job.

There are many decent, fair, and trustworthy electricians out there, and then there are those who will use every opportunity to make money at your expense.

When there is a need for more complex electrical work, during renovations of an apartment or structure, demand a schedule which is as detailed as possible and make the payments in phases as the work progresses. Don’t agree to pay a very high advance and under no circumstances should you agree to pay the full fee until after you have seen the work to find it to your satisfaction. If you are happy with the job that was done, don’t forget to recommend that professional to others, so they may also experience the same type of service.

And what about the price? Well, this is something which changes on a case-by-case basis. Don’t hesitate to gather several offers from various place. Comparing prices is a necessity, and in some cases it can significantly decrease your expenses. An electrician’s visit to your home can run 120 shekel at one place, and 200 shekel at another. Today more than ever, it is easy to do some preliminary research and finding what different electrical work should cost, such as replacing a circuit board, installing a residual current stopper (Mafsek Magen), installing devices and appliances, changing a fuse, or setting up a ceiling fan.

Some companies employ a number of electricians of various levels under one roof, while some electricians work independently. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of a company which provides electrical services, is that there are more certified electricians on hand, which could save you a hassle, should there be a need to go higher. On the other hand, a private electrician could be more flexible when it comes to pricing, or generally, be more available. Again, this is also a factor which changes from one case to another.


Electricity is everywhere, and it is constantly expanding and reaching more areas of our life. Today’s technology provides us with many exciting opportunities: smart homes, modern water-heating systems, advanced lighting solutions, and other household job which can improve the quality of our life. It is true that electricity is a natural force, but as with any field – experience is the best teacher. Some skills are only acquired through more experiences and hard work. If you need an electrician, know that the amount of experience he has can make a big difference.

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