Installing New Toilets: Two-Piece or One-Piece?

The most ancient toilets were constructed thousands of years ago, and were an inseparable part of cultures which were ahead of their time, such as India and Ancient Egypt. Over the years, and more specifically after the industrial revolution came around, progress introduced us to the modern sewer systems, which provide a healthier and more hygienic lifestyle, without much risk of contracting various diseases. This lifestyle definitely includes the bathroom.

People are faced with many decisions when engaging in any kind of bathroom renovation: different models of sinks, showers, baths, and toilets. What are the different types of available toilets? We’re here to provide some information on that. Keep in mind that no written document will ever be able to take the place of solid advice given by an experienced professional. If you have any question, call a pro. Better to ask and save time and money, than not ask anything and pay with interest.

Advantages of Wall-Mounted Toilets

A wall toilet is a lot more convenient and aesthetically pleasing

Before anything, a wall toilet is a lot more convenient and aesthetically pleasing than its predecessors. It is a piece of hygiene equipment which stands on its own, without being connected to the floor of the bathroom. This provides a nicer atmosphere and allows more freedom of movement. As for cleaning, the wall toilet has a clear advantage. Because there is nothing connected to the bathroom floor, there is nothing to stop the mop from reaching the entire floor. Furthermore, there is the design option of concealing the toilet tank, which adds to the positive feeling and adds even more space. A wall toilet provides the bathroom with a much cleaner look, and it can be the perfect solution for a smaller-spaced bathroom. Instead of a standard toilet taking up your space, you have the option of installing a wall toilet with a concealed tank. This means; minimal space disruptions and maximum comfort.

Disadvantages of Wall-Mounted Toilets

The installation process is more complex

First of all, the money. Wall toilets are more expensive than standard toilets. The installation of a wall toilet should – ideally speaking – be done at the same time when the plumbing is being installed in the bathroom. This is a matter which requires careful pre-planning, or alternatively an extensive amount of renovations to an existing room.

A wall toilet has a lengthier and more complex installation process. Plus, replacement parts of a wall toilet will be significantly more costly than those of a mainstream bathroom. In many cases there is no option of installing standard parts in a wall toilet. It is a totally different kind of system which necessitates different parts.

Advantages of Standard Toilets

A flush from a standard toilet will be at times more effective

This is a plain and simple toilet to install, which is why it is such a popular standard. The cost of a standard toilet is a lot cheaper than wall or concealed toilets, as are its replacement parts, though this doesn’t deter many individuals from advancing to a more modern system.

A malfunction with your standard toilet may not necessitate calling a professional, which is seldom the case with a wall system. Some systems are more advanced than others, and concurrently there are some professional who will be less familiar with them. In a standard toilet, nothing is hidden or too advanced, and this is a real advantage when it comes to calling a plumber.

Another advantage? The water pressure in a mainstream toilet is more powerful than that of wall toilets. Why? Because the toilet’s tank is higher, usually, and gravity works its magic so a flush from a standard toilet will be at times more effective.

Disadvantages of Standard Toilets

The design is simple

A standard toilet takes up a lot of room. The design is simple, and this is something which not everyone agrees with, aesthetically speaking. Some decide to renovate the bathroom, and are interested in creating one with a cleaner and sleeker look. This becomes less possible with a standard toilet. As nice and shiny as it may appear, a normal toilet system is one which is bound to get dirty, and become a kind of obstacle when cleaning time comes around.

Cleanliness and aesthetics are an important issue, and this is certainly the case when we’re talking about a place where we go to relieve ourselves and become cleaner. A place where a person does his or her business – ideally – should be as clean as possible. This is not always feasible when you need to worry about all kinds of hidden hard-to-clean places, like the pipe which connects to the wall and floor behind the toilet bowl.

Which is the One For Me?

Which is the one for me?

This is a question which carries with it many factors and personal calculations. It is not a single question, really. It brings up a host of other questions, such as:

  • how many people are in the house?
  • How many bathrooms are there?
  • What size are these bathrooms?
  • Is it a rented or owned home? If rented – what does your landlord say?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is your chosen toilet safe, and up to code?
  • Is cleanliness of the toilet and bathroom something crucial for you?
  • Would you be interested in the option of concealing the tank?
  • What about parts? Repairs? Warranty?

All of these questions should be answered – more or less – before you can pick and choose a toilet system and model. Things change with the circumstances, but what is clear is that as technology and construction advance, a one-piece and wall systems will be the ones to continue the traditions of India and Ancient Egypt.


While there is the American concept of “toilet humor”, there is nothing funny about this issue. In the course of history, hygiene has saved more lives than doctors could ever hope to save. This is something which needs to be addressed, since it pertains to a place where we evacuate our bodies and become clean.

In the past, before the advent of modern sewer systems, the toilets were a source of diseases, plagues, and outbreaks. Today we have more modern waste-management solutions, but it is still important for people to know what their options are, when they are building or renovating a bathroom. You need to do some sifting, market research, long-term thinking, and then decide on a system that is right for you. It is best to take your time and make an informed decision. Remember, theoretically speaking, this is a system which is meant to be with you for a long period of time.

Either way, no matter what you end up going with, the most important thing is that you are happy and satisfied with your choice. Don’t compromise on a mediocre work, give it to the professionals to handle. This is true to household appliance repair, and it is probably even truer when discussing advanced systems like wall and concealed toilets.

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