A Garden Fence: Construction, Designs, & General Tips

According to Israeli law, a house with a garden must have a fence surrounding it. A garden fence is not a trivial thing. There are many and varied types of fences, and not every individual has the same goal for them. Some will build a fence simply for the sake of design, beauty, and aesthetics. A nice fence will definitely improve the value of the property which it surrounds.

Some will erect a more practical fence, in order to prevent break-ins, or in order to monitor the entrances and exits of children and animals. Some fences are more suitable for certain types of ground or soil, and these are constructed in such a way which will prevent soil creep and other types of movements.

The reasons behind constructing a fence could be many or few, aesthetic or practical, but what matters most is this: if you’ve made the decision to construct a garden fence, it is best to do it right.

Building a Garden Fence The Right Way

They may reveal some shortcomings when the rain shows up

Sometimes a fence may look great on the outside but will become infested with rust and paint-peels before long. Some fences appear to be sturdy and highly durable, but then they reveal some serious defects or shortcomings when the first rain shows up.

A fence is a relatively inexpensive piece of construction, especially when compared to other matters of building or renovating. It is precisely because of this that the fence should be something you invest a little bit more into, in accordance with your desired goal. It is better to shell out of a few more shekel in the beginning than spend money on repairs and maintenance down the road. Obviously, every fence will require maintenance at some point, but the general idea is to build a fence that will last for many years.

Remember: a garden fence can provide a cleaner and more organized look, even to a home which is not looking its best. And vice versa. A very nice-looking home could appear a lot less attractive when surrounded by a broken and dirty fence.

Garden Fence Types and Designs

A hedge is a fence made up of dense shrubbery

Plastic fence – one of the simpler fences. Also known also as a ‘synthetic fence’ or ‘white fence’, these fences are made up of materials like PVC, or a combination of nylon, plastic, and wooden materials. A plastic fence will be the cheaper options in most cases since it is significantly more simple than others on this list. It is priced low, but it’s effective and it gets the job done.

Wooden fence – wood is a great-looking material, but it is also quite susceptible to the environment and the elements. It is a very prevalent and popular option, and many use a wooden fence in conjunction with other wood-related decor pieces (such as a deck or pergola). Within the category of wood, there is also bamboo, which usually takes a professional bamboo guy. Not every woodsmith knows the proper way to handle all types of wood.

Hedges – one of the most natural fences around, but it necessitates constant upkeep. A hedge is a fence made up of dense shrubbery, which acts as a barrier between one area and another. Some install an artificial hedge, and get the best of both worlds: on the one hand, it is a functional, quality fence, and on the other hand, it requires no watering, trimming, or sprucing.

Concrete fence – unlike wood or vegetation, concrete fences are installed by construction professionals. Concrete has a solid reputation. It is a durable, resilient, sturdy material which is used in countless jobs. It is excellent for home security and fortification but has no real vitality. In other words, it is simply concrete – gray, monotonous, disconnecting, and impenetrable even to wind. If your goal is to create a more inviting and welcoming look – it could be that the gray will not suit you.

Barbed wire – a classic. Simple, cheap, and one of the most well-known and widely-used fences. It has a few clear advantages: it allows the constant flow of air, it is easy to construct, and it is effective. The drawbacks? There are several. First of all, it requires relatively more maintenance than other fences. Secondly, If the right person shows up with gloves and a wire cutter, the fence won’t amount to much. It is a barrier which is easily traversed.

Metal fence – this is a kind of fence which is mostly built by expert steelsmiths. There is a wide variety of metals of all kinds and prices, and you can design the metal in such a way that the end result is much more than a mere fence. Some fences are considered veritable works of art. The initial prices and costs of maintenance change from one kind of metal to the other.

Electronic fence – welcome to the 21st century. Doors, gates, and fences which are controlled by an electric system contribute to a certain type of environment and ambiance. They are a part of the house and its space. That is to say, there is a chance you will want your fence to fit in with the rest of the house’s appearance. There is a wide array of materials, designs, and types of electric fences to choose from.

Planning Your Garden Fence

Consult with a professional who can recommend a garden fence which suits the house

The best way to achieve satisfactory results is by planning. Before beginning construction, you should have the fence’s main goal in mind. This will ease the process for the workmen and professionals involved. For instance, a fence designed for appearances won’t need the tough build of one designed for preventing burglaries.

It is imperative to match the fence to the type of infrastructure and ground on which it will be placed. If there is a wooden fence atop an unstable piece of earth, this fence will lose some of its value as soon as something interrupts the earth underneath it. An easily-movable fence is hardly productive or functional. A fence should be steady and anchored, and it is important to consider the small details and make sure that the nuts and bolts are also made of materials which don’t rust or damage easily. If you do allow the parts of the fence to rust, wear out, and become damaged, it could eventually affect the quality of the entire fence.

Again, there should be some serious long-term thinking behind your garden fence. This is why it is so important to consult with a professional who can recommend a fence which suits the house, garden, or environment, as well as your personal plans and your budget.

Construction and renovation – somehow, these two always end up a tiring and frustration-filled ordeal. When it comes to fences, it is not as stressful as, say, breaking walls and switching roofs, but it is still a process which can be simple or convoluted, depending on the circumstances.

The Price of a Garden Fence

DIY fence-builder

The prices of fences change according to the type of fence, its materials, and its length and size. Many internet sites provide a price comparison, and it is always worth checking online before making a call. There is a lot of information regarding fences, and if you want to know what the process entails, what the prices are, and what possibilities exist for the DIY fence-builder – you can always visit one of those websites. Keep in mind that information provided online can sometimes be inaccurate. But, as a preliminary outreach and initial research tool, the internet will do.

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