Freezer Repair: The Laws Of Freezing And Other Maintenance Tips

The ability to freeze food for future use is one of the modern-day refrigerator’s best and most popular qualities. The freezer is an appliance which can be very useful, but it can also go through some hard times. This, in turn, can cause much aggravation and frustration to the user.

There was one time when my freezer decided it was done with all that hard work. I had to remove the meat I had in there and use it all. I didn’t want to risk thawing and refreezing the products, nor did I want to throw it all away. So, I fried and cooked it all in a couple of days. The freezer was fixed soon afterwards, but it was a week with a lot of food for me and my roommates.

It can be said that in the average family, there is plenty of food which should not be thrown out and we count on our freezer to do it’s job. However, it’s still an electrical appliance after all – which means that it could break down, stop functioning and cause us to lose time, money, and of course, food.

Common Issues

Common issues

Here are some of the most common issues with freezers. In some cases, it is necessary to call a technician, while in other cases you can attempt to fix the issue yourself. Remember that every fridge or freezer has a different make and model. What suits a “model A” freezer will not necessarily fit “model B”.

The freezer isn’t working at all – assuming that the freezer is getting juice from its power supply (if not, there is good chance you just found the root cause) – there could be a problem with the thermostat or compressor. Attempt to set the temperature to a colder setting, and see if the compressor turns on. If the compressor is malfunctioning, or if the thermostat doesn’t react, you probably need an expert to take a look.

The freezer is constantly working – there is no “all or nothing” with cooling appliances. They should go on and off intermittently. In any case where the appliance is constantly on or constantly off, there is an issue. That is not the way in which these kind of appliances are meant to function. If your freezer is always on, there is a good chance it has to do with your thermostat.

The thermostat is the device which provides instructions to the compressor, once certain temperatures are reached. When the thermostat is on the fritz, the compressor can find itself working a lot of overtime. This can cause even larger problems than constant functioning, such as a complete breakdown of the system due to overload. If the thermostat is alright, there is a chance that there is gas missing from the internal system, in which case you should call a cooling technician with experience with sealed gas systems.

Another factor which causes freezers to stay on, is the door. If the freezer door stays open, even a little, it could cause the thermostat to constantly work in order to balance the cold against the warm air coming in.

More Problems

The freezer is not freezing

The freezer is not freezing properly – does it seem like the freezer is on, but is only partially functioning? There are many internal components which could cause this issue, such as the wiring, the thermostat, and the cooling coils. When dealing with a device whose primary function is freezing, there is always the possibility of overuse to a point where the delicate components within the freezer are getting too cold to function properly.

Even though the manufacturer tests the product before distribution, there are still certain issues which occur only after steady and continuous use. It could also be the result of a lack of cleanliness or an obstruction in the input/output of air. In this case too, it is best to call a specialist who will be able to isolate the root cause and address it accordingly.

Ice build-up – this is an issue which is becoming less prevalent, with cooling technology making some major advances. Nonetheless, there are still cases where ice builds up in the freezer as the result of the internal defrost system failing. Before calling a technician, there is always the option of manually defrosting the freezer, and testing it after 24-48 hours. In the event that the freezer is still accumulating ice, it could be that an internal component (such as the timer, thermostat, or heater) is preventing the freezer’s defroster from functioning properly. In this case, you should contact a professional.

Frozen food losing its color and/or spoiling – there are products, particularly animal products but not exclusively, which get a kind of cold burn from the freezer. This occurs when those products are not being stored properly. Improper product storage can cause the freezer to suck the moisture out of foods, causing them to lose color and flavor. This is a natural occurrence, so it is recommended to always store foods properly, and prevent the loss of moisture. Frozen foods can last a long time, as long as they are stored correctly.

Unique Freeze

Unique freeze

Again, every make and model has its own unique qualities and properties. When purchasing a fridge or freezer, take into account the quality of the product,  customer service, the warranty and other issues which have a potential long-term effect on the appliance.

A refrigerator or freezer is not a product with a high replacement rate. Not for most of us, anyway. Regular maintenance and proper use of your freezer will ensure many years of enjoying it’s cool presence. It’s always best to call a technician who deals with cooling and freezing systems.

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