A Complete Buyer’s Guide To Energy Efficient Dryers

Winter Is Coming

As winter sets in, there are several decisions regarding appliances that need your attention. These decisions will keep you and your family healthy, as well as add major conveniences to your daily lives. One of the most frustrating things people without dryers will find during the winter, is that their clothes never seem to get dry. When they are no longer wet, they have a stiff, wrinkled feel that just isn’t right.

These issues may have you considering buying your first dryer. Among the different factors to consider are safety and upkeep, it’s size, it’s overall performance and energy-efficiency. Even once you have purchased your dryer, there is still the matter of proper installation. Contacting a qualified professional to handle it right the first time will save you money and ensure you are getting the best out of your investment.

Energy Efficient Dryers

Keep your energy bill lower

Most energy used today is not sustainable, meaning we are depleting our planet of valuable, temporary resources. Concern for our planet and working to reduce fossil fuel use is paramount to the earth’s lasting development. As big of an issue as this is, not everyone is concerned with these worries. There’s good news for those people, too. Having an energy efficient home doesn’t have to be a purely altruistic endeavor. In addition to lowering the carbon footprint and doing your part for society, you are doing your part in keeping your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Let’s face it: any way you can keep your energy bill lower in the winter is a huge help, as most people see their water and energy bills shoot up in these colder months. Between trying to keep your house warm and your water hot, you will undoubtedly see a spike in your bill. Energy efficient dryers will use less energy and will dry your clothes faster than an average tumble dryer. All this makes an energy efficient dryer the way to go, so even if it does cost a bit more to purchase, it will pay for itself over time.

Gas vs. Electric

Energy efficient dryer

Before deciding what brand of dryer you want to go with, you first need to decide between gas and electric. In some cases that choice will be made for you, just based on circumstance. For example; If your home has a dedicated laundry room or space where these machines are expected to go, there will probably be an outlet that is meant for a unit. This makes life a lot easier, and is a huge advantage for electric dryers. It’s quite a bit simpler, because gas dryers can be pretty complicated. While any laundry room will come with the proper outlets for washers and dryers, they are less likely to have the set-up needed for a gas system. Gas will most likely require installation and anyone on a rental might be inclined to stay away from this option all-together.

For all the problems with gas, why even bother, right? Wrong. Gas has plenty going for it. From a performance perspective, gas units tend to dry clothes faster, and are generally longer-lasting machines that are worth installing, especially if you are a home owner or long-term renter. Because they dry clothes faster, they are much more energy efficient, which again means good for the environment and good for you. When deciding between gas and electric, make sure you have considered all of these factors.

Dryer Safety and Upkeep

Lint is the primary cause of dryer fires

After having purchased your dryer, there are things that you must pay careful mind to. Safety issues with dryers aren’t all that common, and aren’t difficult to avoid. They do still happen, unfortunately, and they can be devastating. Losing a home appliance like a dryer is quite a setback, however you look at it. There are simple things you can do to avoid dryer fires and unhealthy fumes from being ingested.

Lint is the primary cause of dryer fires, making this a crucial part of maintenance.  After every load is done, make sure you clean out the lint catcher, and even lift it up and clean around the drum. Approximately once a year – or sooner if you see that your dryer is slowing down – you should have a professional come and remove all excess lint from the inside of the machine. Every few months you will want to clean out any calcification that comes from Israel’s hard water.

Dryers will release hot air, so make sure that the air is going outside and not into your house. Even though the hot air is not toxic, having that hot, moist, lint-filled air around in your house can lead to issues of mold. Breathing difficulties due to mold and lint are also a potential risk, especially to small children.


The call to make an investment in a dryer is not an easy one. The winter is longer than we would like, and clothing that isn’t properly dried won’t fit properly and will become mildewy. Drying shouldn’t be a time-consuming process, nor should it require a crazy investment. Remember to consider all of the things you want in a dryer including size, drying time, metal drum or plastic drum, gas or electricity and energy efficiency.

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