Buying a Dishwasher: That “Sinking” Feeling of Doing the Dishes

Over the years, there have been many inventions, some of them are really good and some less. Some are downright necessary and vital, and others are simply amazing. I consider the dishwasher to be of the latter group – amazing! Not because it is the height of technological advancement, and not because of the action which it is meant to replace. After all, washing dishes is not the most demanding thing in the world for most of us. We’re talking about water and dish soap, really.

What makes the difference is our valuable time and the pile of dishes. An automatic dishwasher provides us with more time, and lets us feel free. No longer do we have to stand over the sink and wash each dish one by one! We can just let the dishwasher do its thing. But, when we take a reality check, we must ask ourselves the question : which method is actually cheaper? Does the dishwasher manage to save us money, or only time?

Money is always a consideration. Always. Even if we’re talking about a relatively cheap dishwasher, we should look at all the facts and factors, and make an informed decision based on our data and calculation. Furthermore, if a household already has an automatic dishwasher, you still need to know when to wash dishes by hand, and when to use a half-loaded machine. Questions such as these do carry some weight, because whenever you purchase a large home appliance, you should be thinking long-term.

Electric Dishwasher Expenses

When discussing an automatic dishwasher, you need to take into account the added expenses. It’s not just the cost of the unit itself. It includes usage of water, electricity, cleaning powder, gel or tablets, dish polish, and dishwasher salt.

Furthermore, you need to consider the fact that this is an appliance, and it could also break down from time to time, like any other appliance. Some malfunctions or issues cost several shekel to fix (such as replacing a rubber band), and some issues – like the electronic control board – could potentially costs hundreds of shekel to fix.

Manual Dishwasher Expenses

Manual dishwasher

The greatest expense associated with washing dishes by hand, is water. When you wash dishes by hand, you have no electricity or cleaning tablets, no electronic card which can malfunction, and no polishing liquid. However, there is a greater usage of water, which is also a consideration. There are different dish-washing techniques, and there are ways of using and recycling the water used in the process. Overall, though, there is more water going down the drain – literally – when you decide to wash your dishes by hand.

Time is also a valuable factor, and unlike money, you cannot receive a large amount of it all of a sudden. You can say without a doubt that there are instances where time is worth more than money. You can always make more money, but good luck making more time. Obviously, time is something which is being “wasted” when you wash dishes by hand. If those dishes were in a dishwasher, that chunk of time would have been vacated for other, more important things.

Which is More Expensive?

Money is always a consideration

Let’s put it this way: when there are several items in the sink, I will always choose to do them by hand. I fill the dishwasher over the course of two or three days, as needed, and then operate it. Usually, I’ll put the dirtier, stickier, or bulkier dishes in there and instead of laboring with a scrubber and dish soap, I let the dishwasher do the hard work.

The major advantage of an electric dishwasher – as far as actual cleaning and rinsing goes – is that it has certain abilities which we do not. For instance, the ability to make use of extremely hot water in order to clean the dishes properly; this is a feature which not all hands can handle. The washer uses less water, but manages to clean a greater amount of dishes at the same time.

Furthermore, we must take into account that not all expenses are financial ones. Sometimes, not using the electric dishwasher could be detrimental. For example, sanitation in times when there are babies, small children, elderly, or sick people in the house. In that scenario, the probability of contracting diseases, sickness or germs, grows. So, it is best to take advantage of the dishwasher’s intense heat and precision, rather than bank on properly washing all those dishes by hand.

Which One is Right for Me?

Some much-needed time to relax

Ultimately – and this is true to any major appliance – the question is do you need it? Will it bring with it convenience, progress, and longevity, or will it create more problems than it solves? These are questions which any prospective owner must ask himself. Buying and installing a dishwasher is no small expense, and we have to be realistic about its performance and our expectations of it.

“Which is the one for me?” – you cannot answer that without including a host of factors. If you are a young couple, without children, it could be you don’t need it. If you are a family of five or six and you manage to refill the sink every day, there is a good chance that an electric dishwasher will provide you with some much-needed time to relax or engage in other activities, and there is a good chance that the expense is worth it for you.

The question “will the washer save me money?” is an important one, and it is directly related to the following list of questions:

  • How many people are you?
  • What is the range of ages?
  • What is your budget for a dishwasher?
  • What does your average water and electric bill look like?
  • Is the ability to disinfect the dishes – something only a washer can do – a crucial factor?
  • Do you own or rent the apartment? If you rent, what does the landlord have to say about splitting the costs or operation and upkeep?


Without a shadow of a doubt: when it is called for, a dishwasher can make a big difference in our daily lives. And yes, sometimes it can save you time and money. Many times, such as after a big family dinner, I would look at the sink and get that “sinking” feeling… I don’t want to wash the dishes. I really don’t, but it is my turn. You know how it is. But now? Fill it up, put in a tablet, close the door, and simply push a button. I think it’s amazing.

Some will say that using a dishwasher should be in direct correlation to the amount of people in the house, but you can’t ignore the fact that there is another kind of freedom and convenience at work here, regardless of how many people dwell in the house. Each and every prospective owner needs to make his or her own calculations, and only then will the question of money-saving be answered in a truthful manner.

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