How Air Conditioning Can Improve Your Life

Having air conditioning immediately raises the quality of your life. You can argue as to the validity of that claim, but this is something that is true in my opinion. I lived many years without an air conditioner, and a few with one. The difference is huge. Seriously.

An air conditioner, when treated properly and not neglected, can provide many years of hot and cold pleasure. Nothing – absolutely nothing – beats walking into an air-conditioned room from a cold winter’s day. That feeling of relief and of “oh, thank heavens, it is warm in here” is worth so much. That – precisely that – is what I am talking about when I say quality of life.

Being Comfortable Is Important

Could you get along without an AC?

Could you get along without an air conditioning? Most likely. People have been doing it for centuries and millennia. But, in places like Israel, an air conditioner can be vital for survival. Whether it is summer or winter, an air conditioner is something which can immediately make your surroundings more comfortable. And, let’s face it, comfortable surroundings count for a lot.

Getting an air conditioner is not a decision which people take lightly. Some do market research for a while, before deciding on a specific make or model. It is an investment, no doubt, and it is always worth investing in a quality AC unit. Ideally, it will be one which has a long warranty, high energy ratings, low cost, and which will not turn obtaining replacement parts or regular maintenance into a huge production.

In Israel, there are many good companies, local and foreign. The hottest selling ACs are by European and Japanese companies, but the Israeli ones are not lagging far behind.

With the advent of better technology (in cooling as well as electricity), air conditioners are now made to be effective, silent, and not too costly. Depending on the size of the location which you wish to condition, different options are available.

Most Common Types Of Air Conditioning

The most common types of home air conditioning systems are:

Window air conditioner

Window air conditioner – Titled “unitary”, this system is a self-contained A/C unit, where all refrigeration parts are in one box. It is usually placed in a window. In Israel, since windows do not usually facilitate this use, the unit is placed in a hole in the wall.

Portable air conditioner – This system is a take on the aforementioned unitary system. It consists of a mobile unit, which houses all of the refrigeration parts, and which uses a hose vent to exhaust excess heat. These mobile units typically sit on the floor, and tend to be noisier than their fixed counterparts.

Split/ductless air conditioner – Officially titled a “packaged terminal air conditioner”, or PTAC, these systems exist mainly in larger buildings, such as malls and hotels. This system is split into two, hot and cold. One unit is outside (it includes the compressor, condenser and the condenser’s fan), and one is inside (this interior part includes the fan, expansion valve and evaporator coil).

Central air conditioning – This is the ideal system for cooling a home. It is the quietest, most convenient, and best performing mechanism of them all. The only disadvantage is that a central system needs to be outfitted to each home. If a central system is too large, it will not function properly.

For this precise reason, it is recommended that only a licensed AC technician install your central air unit. Furthermore, regular maintenance of a central air conditioner is vital for the system’s functionality and longevity.

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